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Hello, friends welcome to our theengineerspost.com.  This blog is for engineers who wanted to get better in their professional life as the engineer. We are here to learn the exciting information about engineering and it’s technology.

Our blog is focused on the educational learning and industrial practice. We provide educational products and services to our students and customers.

Our goal is to make you a better engineer in your career. Because we know that the world is filled with engineers and you have to stand out from the crowd.

In the educational section, we provide all the basic and advanced information that every engineer must know. And on the industrial section, we provide information like what is company environment, how to crack job interviews, how to write an awesome resume that grabs attention. And how to become a person that company looking for.  

Personal Information:

Hi, My name is Saif M and I am a Mechanical Engineer and creator of THE Engineers Post. lives in Karnataka and I am working on my own business and following my passion to achieve my goals. This is the very first blog that I started in April 2018.

This is just starting, so wait for more.

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