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Torque Converter Working Principle & It's Parts

Torque Converter Working Principle & It’s Parts

A torque converter is a device performs a function similar to that of a gearbox, that is, to increase the torque while reducing the speed. But whereas gearbox provides only…

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What Is Hydramatic Transmission

What Is Hydramatic Transmission or Fully Automatic Transmission? How It Works?

What is hydramatic transmission: The hydramatic transmissions are termed as the fully automatic transmissions. They have essentially three or four speed and reverse epicyclic gearboxes with brakes and clutches operated…

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What Is Overdrive Transmission And How It Works_ [Overdrive Mechanism]

What Is Overdrive Transmission And How It Works? [Overdrive Mechanism]

Overdrive is a device interposed between the transmission and propeller shaft to permit the propeller shaft to turn faster than the transmission main shaft. It is called because it provides…

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6 Most Common Gearbox Problems

6 Most Common Gearbox Problems [That may lead to unnecessary repair]

The most common gearbox problem is overheating this issue requires industrial gearbox repair and renewal. The other common warning signs of gearbox problem that may lead to unnecessary gearbox repair…

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Quadra steering system or four wheel steering system

What is Quadra Steering System or Four Wheel Steering System

Quadra steering system  The Four-wheel steering system is also called as Quadra Steering System, Rear wheel steering, All wheel steering or Quadrasteer. It is developed by Delphi of General Motors to use…

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How To Save Fuel

Top 10 Best Tips To Save Fuel [Simple And Effective]

How To Save Fuel? How to save fuel? Are you thinking to save your money on fuel?  There are plenty of ways to save money on fuels. The most effective way is…

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Do you know how a supercharger helps to increase the power of engine.

Superchargers and Types of superchargers: In this article, we’ll explain what superchargers are, how they work and how they compare to turbochargers and the types of superchargers. Superchargers are basically air-compressors…

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