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What is Fluid Drive_ and It's Construction, Working Principle

What is Fluid Drive? It’s Construction and Working Principle

Fluid Drive is a transmission driveline combination which replaced the flywheel with a hydraulic coupling and works on the same function as a modern torque converter, only without torque multiplication….

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Important Terms Used in Thermodynamics

Important Terms Used In Thermodynamics

The word thermodynamics comes from the two Greek words, thermo means heat and dynamics means power, as in general known as heat power. And this post is about important terms…

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What is Thermodynamics and Laws Of Thermodynamics

This article is about the laws of thermodynamics.  Thermodynamic is a branch of the science of energy and it transmits the heat from one form another form. It mainly deals with…

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Product Design

What is Product Design and steps involved in designing a product

Product Design Product design is a multi-discipline process of designing the products. Or Product design means, creating and selling a new product by a business to its customers. In which…

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