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Pneumatic Comparators types

Pneumatic Comparators: Types, Principle, Characteristics, Advantages

In this post, you'll learn what is pneumatic comparator and types. It's working principle, characteristics, advantages and more. Pneumatic Comparators Principle In Pneumatic comparators air is...
Sine Bar

Sine Bar: Working Principle, Construction, Formula, Application

In this post, you learn about the sine bar and its working principle, it's construction, formula, reading, applications and more. Sine Bar A sine bar is...
optical comparator types

Optical Comparator: Types, Working, Advantages and More

In this post, you'll learn what optical comparator and different types of optical comparator, it's construction and working. Optical Comparator and Types The optical comparators...
types of Mechanical Comparator

Mechanical Comparator: Types, Design, Working, Advantages and More

In this post, you'll learn what is mechanical comparator and types, it's construction, working, and advantages. Mechanical Comparator In mechanical comparators the required magnification is...

Bevel Protractor: Types, Parts, Reading, Applications and more

In this post, you'll learn what is bevel protractor its working, parts, types, applications and more. Bevel Protractor In geometry, a protractor is a circular or...
Vernier Depth Gauge

Vernier Depth Gauge: Parts, Types, Least Count, Errors and It’s Working

In this post, you'll learn what is Vernier depth gauge and It's working, parts, types, least count and errors. Vernier Depth Gauge Vernier depth gauge...
Vernier Height Gauge

Vernier Height Gauge: Parts, Diagram, Errors, Precaution

In this post, you'll learn what is vernier height gauge it's Least count, diagrams, nomenclature, and parts, errors and uses of the vernier height...

Mechanical Measurements: Definitions and Terms Applicable to Measurements

Mechanical Measurements: Mechanical Measurements The science of measurement is known as metrology. Measurement is done to know whether the component which has been manufactured is as...