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Application of pneumatic system

Application of Pneumatics systems

Pneumatics can be defined as a branch of fluid power in which gas is used as a fluid. It is derived from Greek word Pneuma, which means air, wind or breath. In this article, we’ll discuss the application of Pneumatics systems.

Application of Pneumatics systems

Pneumatic systems use air as the gas medium because air is very abundant and can be readily exhausted into the atmosphere after completing its assigned task. In addition, pneumatic system are less expensive to build and operate.

In the pneumatic system simply the air is used to transmit energy. The air has greater supply everywhere.

When air is compressed it can be used to perform work.

Pneumatic and hydraulic systems have been used for many years within industrial processes and
as such have acquired an established place in the modern industry.

Pneumatics is the most widely applied fluid power technology. In pneumatic system compressed air acts as both a working and control medium.

The use of pneumatic or compressed air has many advantages of transmitting energy and control functions in the system.

Some of the important Applications of Pneumatic systems as follows:

In industries like

  1. Manufacturing industries, Automotive industry, machine tool manufacturers and domestic and commercial appliance manufacturers.
  2. Processing industries, such as chemical, petrochemical, food processing, textiles, paper, etc.
  3. Used in the brake system of automobiles, railway coaches, wagons and printing presses.
  4. Application of Pneumatics systems is widely in industrial robots

Industrial Works like

  1. Used in the filling,
  2. Packing,
  3. Stamping,
  4. Drilling,
  5. Hosting,
  6. Punching,
  7. Clamping,
  8. Assembly systems
  9. Riveting etc.

More application on 

  1. Car washes
  2. Used to drive both linear and rotary actuators.
  3. Opening and closing the doors.
  4. Test systems
  5. Plastics machinery
  6. Petroleum markets
  7. Coolant systems

Application on equipment on 

  1. Used in material handling equipment,
  2. Medical equipment and logic controlling operations.
  3. In power hammers and nut runners.
  4. Used in operations of machine tools.
  5. Used in metal forming processes.

Difference between the Hydraulic system and Pneumatic systemDifference between the Hydraulic system and Pneumatic system

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Let’s see the examples of compressed air.

  • It is fast for example short cycle times can be achieved. In automated assembly applications at the same time, it is overloaded safe. If the machine jams pneumatic motors or circuit components will not burn out.
  • Another advantage is that compressed air is clean, this is very important in the textile and food industries where clean conditions are necessary.
  • Our primary importance pneumatics is also safe because compressed air does not burn or explode under a wide range of operating temperatures, in addition, the exhaust air can be discharged directly into the atmosphere.
  • Pneumatic systems are heavily utilized in cleanroom applications for the same reasons of cleanliness low combustion and fast operating speeds.
  • Compressed air can also be stored and ready to be used when required.
  • Another advantage is that compressed air does not break down when exposed to high temperatures thereby allowing for safe consistent operation under a wide range of temperatures.
  • And finally, the individual pneumatic components are inexpensive when compared to other forms of energy transmission and control.
  • Pneumatic control and actuation is an ideal energy for automation of industrial processes.
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