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Car Doors: 10 Types of Doors Used in Automobile Vehicles

In this article, you will learn what are the different types of car doors and their uses? All explained with pictures. You can also download the PDF file of the article at the end of it.

Car Door

Car is a common mode of transport that almost every person travels. Nowadays, automobile companies try to innovate every aspect of the car, maybe their design, engine, wheels, headlights, and even the doors.

But not many people know what types of car doors are and why they are designed that way. Car doors open outwards or backward, from traditional to exotic. Some are attached by hinge and others by a track.

That’s why I decided to list out the top 10 types of doors, which are used by all types of cars in today’s world. So let’s start with the basic i.e conventional car door.

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Types of Car Doors

Types of Car Doors
  1. Conventional door
  2. Butterfly door
  3. Canopy door
  4. Dihedral door
  5. Front-Hinged door
  6. Gull-wing door
  7. Scissor door
  8. Sliding door
  9. Suicide door
  10. Swan door

1. Conventional Car Doors

Conventional Car Doors

You see these types of car doors every day, which are parked in your homes or while going somewhere on the road. Because this is one of the most common types of car doors that are used in every car.

They are hinged on the front side edge of the car door, allowing space for the door to open outward from the car body. These are considered safer than other car doors as it is not likely to be unlocked while driving. If the door is opened during the forward motion, air will act to keep the door closed.

2. Butterfly Car Doors

Butterfly Car Doors

These are types of car doors, which differ slightly in the way they open. A butterfly door can be compared to a scissor door, as it also rests on the upper front corner of the car’s frame. Because of their opening mechanism, this door type allows for more entry and exit for the user.

But, one disadvantage of butterfly doors is that they require more parking area compared to scissor doors. Because they open wide, they may not work well in tight spaces. They are more commonly used on high-performance cars. This has been adopted for close-top racers and sports cars.

3. Canopy Car Doors

Canopy Car Doors

The canopy doors are one of the rare door types. These doors can take the shape of a canopy (Umbrella) when they get opened. When the door is opened, it moves over the car and remains the same until it is closed.

This is the type of car door which is very useful when you have to park your car inches away from another. Since the door is on the top of the car, it is easy for passengers to exit without worrying about the sides.

Canopy doors also have subtypes, which means they can be hinged to the front, back, or even side. They are also known for bubble canopy, connected canopy, and cockpit canopy.

4. Dihedral Car Doors

Dihedral Car Doors

This type of car door is similar to a scissor door, the difference being that these doors open outward by rotating 90 degrees on the hinge of the door. Their hinges are located on the A-pillars, which support the entire door and mechanism.

Dihedral doors are a recent design in the car industry, taking their name from the geometry terms. Some popular car models that use this type of door are Agera R, Agera RS, Koenigsegg Agera, Koenigsegg CC8S, CCR and Regera.

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5. Front-Hinged Car Doors

Front-Hinged Car Doors

The front-hinged car door comes with only one door in the car. At the front of the car, it comprises the instrument panel and steering wheel, which are hinged and swing up to give access to both the driver and the passenger.

The entry and exit of the car are through the front door. This reduces the chance of being injured as a result of exiting the side door. In the event of an accident, passengers can also exit the car from the roof. Cars with these doors make it easy to park in crowded places.

6. Gull-wing Car Doors

Gull-wing Car Doors

A gull-wing door is a type of car door that rests on the roof rather than on the side of the car. These are also known for falcon-wing doors. The first car to be made with gullwing doors was the Bugatti Type 64, designed by Jean Bugatti in 1939.

When the doors of this car are opened, the hinges of these doors rest on the roof, and both the doors seem to slide upwards like wings. The doors can open up to about 27.5 cm. It is also used in the manufacture of aircraft such as the French four-seat Socata TB series.

7. Scissor Car Doors

Scissor Car Doors

Car doors of this type were invented by Alfa Romeo in 1968 in their Carabo concept car. By the way, these doors have become a trademark of Lamborghini over the years. Scissor doors swing vertically upward instead of opening outward like traditional car doors.

The scissor door is attached to the car structure using a hinge found at the top corner of the front of the car. These are also known for wing doors, turtle doors, swing-up doors, and Lamborghini doors. Big brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren use these doors in their models.

8. Sliding Car Door

Sliding Car Door

Sliding doors are designed to slide on a horizontal track to open or close the door. Nowadays, this type of door is commonly seen on minivans, commercial buses, and cargo vehicles. They provide easy exit and entry for riders and can be easily unloaded and loaded with luggage.

The doors are mounted on a track on the side of the vehicle and open towards the rear of the car. Thus, providing greater access for entry or exit and easier to park in a tight space. The most popular car with sliding doors is Volkswagen AG.

9. Suicide Car Door

Suicide Car Door

Suicide doors are designed to have hinges on the back of the door frame. Therefore, the doors open outwards and swing backward. They called a suicide door because if the door is open while the car is moving, there is a high chance of the passenger falling.

These car doors are also known as coach doors and were initially used in horse-drawn carriages but are rarely found in modern vehicles. There is also a risk of serious injury if an open door hits a vehicle. They are used in luxury cars like Rolls-Royce Wraith/Phantom.

10. Swan Car Door

Swan Car Door

Swan door is a modern type of car door. These are hinged at the front of the door. They open upward slightly to create more space. As the name suggests, this door type has a swan style. The advantage of using these doors is that they provide ease in tight parking spaces.

Since these car doors open horizontally, they do not recognize how low the ceiling is. These doors open easily, even if there is another car stern next to them. This car door type is popular in cars like Aston Martin, Jaguar C-X75, and GTA Spano.

Closing it up

Now you know the various styles of car doors, as well as the high cost of some amazing but risky designs. That’s it thanks for reading. We have discussed all the main “types of car doors“, but still, if you have any questions you can ask in the comments, I will answer you.

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