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Belt Drives and Types of Belt Drives [completed]

Belt drives and types of belt drives Belt drives and types of belt drives: The rotation motion is the ideal and the simplest means of transmission of mechanical power with…

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Screw Thread Terminology and types of screw threads

Screw Thread Terminology and Types Of Screw Threads

Screws Thread Terminology And Types Of Screw Threads. This article is about Screw, screw thread terminology, types of screw threads. A screw thread may be considered as a raised form…

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Underwater Welding

How Does UnderWater Welding Works? and Types of Underwater Welding

Underwater Welding In 1932 Russian metallurgist (Konstantin Khrenov) invented underwater welding. The underwater welding is also called hyperbaric welding. It is the process of welding at high pressure in underwater….

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Application of pneumatic system

Application of Pneumatics systems Pneumatics can be defined as a branch of fluid power in which gas is used as a fluid. It is derived from Greek word Pneuma, which means air, wind or breath. In…

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What is Welding? How it works? [Short and Complete Guide]

What is Welding? In this post, we’ll introduce you to what is welding and the types of welding. Welding is a permanent joining process in which two pieces of metal together…

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Drilling machine the complete guide

Drilling machine The complete guide – It’s Types, Operations and more [with pictures]

1. Drilling Machine This article is all about drilling machine, Parts of drilling machine, Types of drilling machine, Tools and operations of the drilling machine. Holes were drilled by the Egyptians…

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The best way to understand about gear and types of gears

Types Of Gears [Classification of Gears] and Gear Trains

Gears and Types of Gears In this article, we discuss gear, types of gears gear trains. When there’s a gear problem everything can come to stop because of this it’s…

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