Joules cycle

Joules cycle Processes & Efficiency with [P-v & T-s] Diagram

In this post, you'll learn what is joules cycle its processes and efficiency with P-v and T-s Diagram. Joules cycle Joules cycle consists of two constant...
Stirling Cycle

Stirling Cycle: Efficiency with P-v and T-s Diagram

Stirling Cycle Stirling cycle was devised by Stirling, which consists of two isothermal processes and two constant volume processes. The last two processes are performed...
Dual Combustion Cycle

Dual Combustion Cycle Processes with [P-v and T-s Diagram]

Dual Combustion Cycle Dual combustion cycle is the combustion of otto and diesel cycles. It is sometimes called semi-diesel cycles because semi-diesel engines work on...
Four Stroke Diesel Cycle Engine

Four Stroke Diesel Cycle Engine and Its Working [Explained with P-v and T-s Diagram]

Diesel Cycle The engine of heavy motor vehicles mostly operates on diesel cycle or constant volume cycle. Diesel cycle was introduced by Dr. Rudolph Diesel...
Otto Cycle Engine

Four-stroke Otto-cycle Spark-Ignition Engine with [P-v and T-s Diagram]

Four Stroke Otto cycle Engine The modern petrol (gasoline) engines operate on otto (constant volume) cycle. This cycle was introduced by a German scientist otto...
Carnot cycle

Carnot Cycle: Principle Processes, Efficiency with [P-v and T-s Diagram]

Working Principle of Carnot Cycle This cycle is designed by "Carnot" who was the first scientist to analyze the problem of the efficiency of a...
Thermodynamic Air Cycles

List of Different Types of Thermodynamic Cycles [PDF]

In this article, you'll learn what is thermodynamic cycles? how they work? and types of thermodynamic cycles and more. Thermodynamic Cycles and Types What is...
Important Terms Used in Thermodynamics

Important Terms Used In Thermodynamics

The word thermodynamics comes from the two Greek words, "thermo" means heat and "dynamics" means power, as in general known as heat power. And...