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What Is Hydramatic Transmission

What Is Hydramatic Transmission or Fully Automatic Transmission? How It Works?

What is hydramatic transmission: The hydramatic transmissions are termed as the fully automatic transmissions. They have essentially three or four speed and reverse epicyclic gearboxes with brakes and clutches operated…

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types of gearbox

Four Different Types of Gearbox That Are Used In Modern Vehicles

The word “transmission” is used for a device that is located between the clutch and the propeller shaft. It may be a gearbox, a torque converter, overdrive, fluid drive or…

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Gear Terminology

Gear Terminology: Basic Terms Used In Gear

Gear Terminology Following are the gear terminology or gear terms used to about gears: Pitch circle Pitch circle diameter Pitch point Pitch surface Pressure angle Addendum Dedendum Addendum circle Dedendum…

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