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14 Types of Grinding Machines [Complete Guide] with Diagram & PDF

In this article, you’ll learn what are the types of grinding machines with their diagram, working principle, and PDF.

Grinding Machines and Types

Machines in which grinding wheels are fitted and grinding is done, such machines are called grinding machines. On the basis of their function, they can be divided into two parts. Ordinary grinding machines are widely used. These are called rough or snagging grinders. The following types of grinders are included in this category.

Types of Grinding Machines:

Following are the types of grinding machines:

  1. Bench grinding machine
  2. Hand grinding machine
  3. Pedestal grinding machine
  4. Portable grinding machine
  5. Flexible grinding machine
  6. Precision grinding machine
    1. Cylindrical grinder
    2. Plunge cut grinder
    3. Form grinder
    4. Internal grinder
    5. Centreless grinder
    6. Surface grinder
    7. Universal grinder
    8. Tools and cutting grinder

1. Bench Grinder

Bench type grinding machine

These types of grinding machines are fixed on a workbench or table. Gear or pulley is fitted in it. For rotating the big-size gears or pulley a handle is also fixed. It contains one or two grinding wheels. Edges of cutting tools can be made with this grinder. Provision can be made to operate these with power also.

2. Hand Grinder

Types of Grinding Machines - Hand Grinder

This grinder is also fixed on the workbench or table. There is a provision of moving the grinding wheels with a level as shown in the figure.

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3. Pedestal Grinder

Types of Grinding Machines - Pedestal Grinder

These types of grinding machines are operated with electric power. This is fitted on a pedestal frame separately on the ground. A grinder wheel is fitted each on both sides of the shaft of the electric motor.

Tools rests are also provided with them. These are the most widely used in the workshops. Edges of all types of cutting tools are made with these grinders. Apart from this, molded articles can also be cleaned with it.

4. Portable Grinder

Portable Grinder and Flexible Grinder

This is a small grinder operated with electric power. It can be easily carried anywhere. Grinding can be done by holding it in hand. It is used for cleaning heavy welding jobs.

On one end of the motor shaft, a grinding wheel is fitted and on the other end, a handle or switch for operating the machine is fixed according to our convenience. It should be used carefully since there is a possibility of getting an electric shock.

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5. Flexible Grinder

These types of grinding machines are shown in the figure. The electric motor in this grinder is fitted on such a basis that it can be moved in any direction. A flexible shaft is fitted on the motor shaft with the help of a coupling. On one end of the shaft, a grinding wheel and handle are provided. Large jobs can be easily grinded with this grinder.

6. Precision Grinder

In this type of grinder, a movable spindle is fitted in the grinding wheel. This spindle is fitted on a table along with its motor. With this spindle, the grinding wheel can be turned in forward, backward, left, or right direction in running condition. Jobs of excellent finish and accuracy are grinded with it. These grinders are of the following types:

  1. Cylindrical grinder
  2. Plung cut grinder
  3. Form grinder
  4. Internal grinder
  5. Centreless grinder
  6. Surface grinder
  7. Universal grinder
  8. Tool and cutter grinder

1. Cylindrical Grinder

The surface which has been made plain by shaper or plainer are grinded with this grinder. The cylindrical surface is grinded with a machine in which grinding wheel is fitted on the shaft of a free electric motor.

In this type of grinders, the grinding wheel is fitted on the machine’s work table, which can be given crossfeed and the entire surface of the job can be grinded. These are of the following three kinds:

a. Plain Cylindrical Grinder

In this type of grinder, the job is rotated in chuck or center and the entire cylindrical surface of the job is grinded. With this grinder finishing of sleeves, pins, rods, taper pins, etc.

b. Roll Grinder

This type of grinder is used in steel mills, printing presses, etc, for grinding heavy rollers.

c. Piston Grinder

Pistons of I.C. engines are required to be grinded not in round shape but in oval and taper shape so that when their size increases due to heat these may not get deposited in the cylinder. This grinder is specifically made for grinding these shapes.

2. Plunge Cut Grinder

These grinders are used to grind small shafts. The diameter of the grinder is much more than that of the job. The crankshaft of motor vehicles is a grinder with this grinder.

These are also called crankshaft grinding machines. This type of grinder is also made in a different form for camshaft grinding. In order to save the shaft from becoming flexible, steady rests are used.

3. Form Grinder

Grinding wheels of different shapes are made under this type of grinder. These wheels are given feed and accurate grinding is done as per the shape of the grinding wheel on the moving cylindrical surface. Under this category, three types of grinders are included. These are:

a. Ordinary Form Grinder

These grinders are used for grinding jobs of ordinary shape. The principle of an ordinary form grinder is shown in the figure.

b. Thread Grinder

This type of grinder is used to cut accurate threads. Grinding wheels of the size and shape of the thread are used. Its principle has been shown in the figure.

c. Gear Grinder

The principle of the gear grinder is shown in the figure. Grinding wheels of different forms are used in this grinder to cut dents of different sizes and shapes.

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4. Internal Grinder

These grinders are used for grinding round and hollow jobs whether the internal surface of this job is completely round, ditched round, or is in taper. Small grinding wheels of 3 cm to 5 cm, are used in such grinders. Sometimes grinding wheels of special shape 0.2 cm to 0.3 cm. These grinders can be divided into two parts.

a. Chucking Grinder
Chucking grinder

In this type of grinder, the job is held in the chuck. The grinding wheel makes the job accurate through the grinding of its hollow part.

b. Planetary Grinder
Planetary Grinder

In this type of grinder, while the job remains stationary, the grind wheel moves like a planet in eccentric motion in the inner part and grinds the inner surface. Special arrangements are made to move the grinding up and down. its principle has been illustrated in the figure.

5. Centreless Grinder

In this type of grinder, for holding the job on the chuck is used. The job is moved through the medium of a grinding wheel and a regulating wheel. There are four main parts of this grinder: (1) Grinding wheel (2) Work rest (3) Regulating wheel (4) Guide. Their principle has been explained through the figure.

Centreless Grinding

Jobs keeps on touching the work rest blade because of the pressure of the grinding wheel. The regulating wheel forces the job to spin at an equal speed. In this way, the regulating wheel and the grinding wheel start moving in one direction. The job gets an automatic forward speed.

The rate of movement of the job depends upon the inclination and speed of the regulating wheel. It can be adjusted according to the requirement. This type of grinder is used in modern workshops for mass production. Jobs of glass, porcelain, wood, rubber, plastic, iron, and steel and alloy are polished and finished with this grinder. The job can be placed in their position.

6. Surface Grinder

Flat surfaces are accurately grinded with, this type of grinders. For this grinder, the job is held directly by a magnetic chuck or work table. The race-protecting table of plainting or shaping machines is also used in form of a table. Their classification is done in two ways:

  1. According to the table, they are of two types
    1. Rotary table
    2. Reciprocating table
  2. According to the spindle, they are of the following types:
    1. Vertical spindle grinder
    2. Horizontal spindle grinder
a. Rotary Table Surface Grinder
Rotary Table Surface Grinder

This type of grinder has been shown in the figure. The work table rotates on its axis and arrangement is also made for feeding this table.

b. Reciprocating Table Surface Grinder
Reciprocating Table Surface Grinder

This type of grinder has been shown in the figure. This work table reciprocates like a planer or shaper machine.

c. Vertical Spindle Surface Grinder

In this type of grinder, the grinding wheel is fixed vertically to the machine table or job.

b. Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinder
Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinder

A horizontal spindle surface grinder is shown in the figure. The spindle of the grinding wheel is fitted in a horizontal direction. The wheel is moved ahead slowly. When one stroke is complete, it is driven back and horizontal grinding is done.

7. Universal Grinder

This is a sort of plain cylindrical grinder. Its worktable, headstock, and grinding head are of swivel type. That is why all types of grinding can be done easily with this type of grinders.

8. Tool and Cutter Grinder

This is a small grinding machine. Drill, reamer, tap, and the particularly milling cutter are grinded with this grinding machine. The grinding wheels are of soft grade which is of the shape of a straight, flared cup or dish type.

Its wheel head can be turned at any angle. It can be set on the table for various jobs, Tailstock is fitted in its “T” slot on its working table. This complete table can be adjusted anywhere. Job is held in the center between headstock and tailstock at both ends.

Wrapping It Up

That’s it, thanks for reading. If you have any questions about “types of grinding machines” ask in the comments I’ll respond to you. If you like this article then please share it with your friends.

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